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Sunday, 15 January 2012

waifs and strays.1976 The enemy gig posters cosmo

 just a quick blog today to kill 10 mins and as i found this i thought i would just bang it up.Alot of the things i find are completely by accident and this is the case about this band from Duffield and who would have thought that these people would go on to play in such great derby bands a real find.over the next few weeks i will be getting some new recordings up from the vaults and possibly some new footage but untill then its tra. remember click on pic and it should enlarge.
Waifs & Strays 1976

'Waifs and Strays' . Duffield Train Station . 23rd July 1976
left to right: Oliver Hoon (bass), Michael Pollard (drums), Alan Taylor (non Eccelesbourne) (vocals), Nick Hilliard (guitar).

Nick Hilliard and Oliver Hoon . Mrs. Hilliard's Dining Room, Duffield.
14th July 1976 (photo by Michael Pollard)
Michael writes - "Tea break during band rehearsal. We were the first, though not the last, punk band to emerge from this area. This photo is from one of the first rehearsals with this line-up. We were called 'Waifs and Strays' and were managed by the owner of the only alternative clothes shop in Derby.
Nick and Oliver had left Ecclesbourne by this point to go to sixth form college. I had remained at school and I can now confess that I had to bunk off on more than one occasion to attend rehearsals."

King Street Rehearsals 1975

Bottom Right - Michael Pollard writes "Mark Northwood. November 1975, King Street, Duffield. The band at this rehearsal comprised Mark Northwood (guitar/vocals), Oliver Hoon (bass) and Peter Whitehead (drums).

The Enemy..... and so with the reforming of bands in the city after many years its makes putting these things up rather fun again two posters from the enemy one at the cosmo club and the other at the star club who were the support bands always nice to know.

the cosmo club boundary road nr uttoxeter rd.are those were the days.

ok so anyone got anything on this gig the stranglers at 27.11.76 Derby Cleopatras


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