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Saturday, 11 June 2011

corridor/canker opera new vid.Ajanta and self indulgents

the ajanta

I know what your thinking ,if only i had the money at the time i would have bought it ,but you know those pints at the vines would not have been drunk.anyway this is a pic ive had a while and a bit of a pre curser for the new ajanta film im working on will take a while as i want it to be something special.well saterdays just aint the same without football and the misery off the full time result when your team lose and i got really bored today roll on august..ive done alot on the blog for the last week so this week may not put so much up i dont want to get bored of doing it and ive got plenty in the pipeline to work on.for those who are new to this and there are about 60 people a day that view ,the idea of this blog is to keep alive and reminise about the derby music scene and try and introduce to new bands ,unfurtunatly i dont know that many as i dont get out much to stressful,and takes me days to recover guess its an age thing. anyway most of the stuff on here like the pics would have gone in the book but the cost would have been to huge so use this stuff and read the book it all will then make sence.the link to the book is on the side .there was a bit that was missed in the book and i will put it up on here in a few weeks. The avoid special has gone down well and so has the clash, part 2 of the concert will be put up probebly next week and if i find the cd ATV from the vic.

and so finally to this its corridor and canker opera .will do a special on the one day when i have more stuff but the little i had i used with some really old pics of corridor taken in derby 1970s around midland enjoy. and pass the link around it would be great if we could make this a real succsess cheers johnny v


  1. I remember Corridor supporting Anti Pasti at the Cosmo Club

  2. Aaron (from Canker Opera) and myself formed a band in '77 called 'The Cold'. Played a couple of gigs at the Olde Bell until Aaron met Nick and left.
    I went on to form the VD's. Played the usual. Cosmo, Olde Bell, Meadows, Cleopatras etc.We were however banned form p[laying the Havana. Believe that?