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Friday, 10 June 2011


This is the first of the special feature of Derby bands others will follow but i thought it would be a good place to start as ive got some stuff that people havent seen .the first track video above is called shellshock a vid i did a few years back, but i have done a new one for family man.avoid were a great band from derby and to be honest should have been massive with a little bit of doesnt take long with a little research to find that people from all over the world listen to them and arent surprised how bloody marvelous they are.Many punk bands in Derby were at times pretty serious but avoid wernt you never knew what will happen at there gigs ,paul carter the singer was renowed for falling over stuff, for them it was just a great laugh in the true punk tradition .posters were made with crayon and tickets photo copied all good diy stuff .avoid were banned from a few venues mainly places they shouldnt have even been booked to play like winebars and once the band were aressted for something they didnt do and spent a night in the wise they were a tight outfit and with a cracking drummer and some great bass from mick and fantastic guitar from the sadly departed pete, avoid were and rightly so respected by the Derby music scene.
And so to the new vid family man its just basically pics ive got strung together with the track and a little bit of live footage ive got left.there is a vhs tape of the gig but sadly i couldnt get it on to disk when i had it although i hope to in time. paul carter is still gigging up and down the country and releaseing albums but if you ever get the chance to see him do he is great would be great to see avoid play again to packed venues but sadly it will never happen and we will have to stick with the memories .i will put more avoid stuff up in good man
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  1. i remember being arrested with the afore mentioned bass player Mick (Comp) before too!