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Monday, 23 January 2012

the enemy live gig/stranglers/soul at cleos/

Two blogs in 3 days bloody hell i must be keen ,well not particulaly but when i get something of intrest i like to get it out to you all so here it is a gig by the enemy who by all accounts will be back in the summer for a few gigs one at the bell and one up at blackpool way apparently the practies are going well and hopefully i can bring some live footage to you all one day .ive not bothered doing a big film thingy just press play and listen there are 9 tracks in all so enjoy.even the band didnt know about this and thats why i try and find stuff ,things missing or not heard in years if you have anything let me know so we can all enjoy some other bands coming up soon from the 80s inc a live gig from liberties 1984 time.anyway here is the enemy

And so on to something else and from the stranglers website and derby punk phil coxon who used to follow the stranglers gig after gig and he did a diary of the la folie tour its fasinating reading and if you want to see more go to the stranglers website but here is a taster about the gig in derby assembly rooms

Derby '82February 3rd Derby Assembly Rooms
P: The one I've been waiting for-my home town gig! It's the first time I've seen them in Derby but it's the band's third visit here. The first was in 1976, at a rockers club called Cleopatras, and the next was on The Raven tour in '79 when unfortunately I was in hospital and couldn't make the gig.
I've used my last holiday today so this is my final gig of the tour and I want to make the most of the day. Get to the venue early to meet up with Dean, Krista and Lyndsey are also there. We manage to see the band and have a good chat especially with JJ. Mark arrives with Tiny and we make our way to the Bell Hotel, a mecca for Punks, Skins and Mods, and have a couple of pints. Tiny decides to do a bit of mooning and we all get kicked out so we go to the venue and meet up with all my mates who have been touring partners in the past.
I see support band 'Boys In Darkness' for one last time and wait for The MIB. I get right down to the front and end up virtually on the stage by the speakers right next to JJ. I've got a brilliant view so start working with the camera. As ever on this tour, they start with Sewer and Tiny leaps on stage, struts about for a few minutes until his trousers are down and he's mooning again!! It gives the crowd a good laugh. It's a great gig with quite a few stage invaders towards the end. After the encore JJ says in my ear "See you at the Midland hotel". The Midland hotel indeed-very posh! So, after the gig, quite a few of us make our way to the Midland, which is possibly the poshest hotel in Derby but the doormen aren't going to let a bunch of young punks like us in so we decide to make our way home.
M: Got the train to Derby at midday, the venue was the Assembly rooms and Greg Herman was already there when I arrived. The band very professionally carry on oblivious to the storm of spit being unleashed from the crowd in the direction of Tiny's backside! The hotel weren't letting anyone in ( by this time we were getting bloody good at getting into hotels and it was obvious immediately that none of our techniques were going to work at this one), and we slept in various cars, bus and railway stations. Luckily I had the sleeping bag with me.

 moving on  and a few fliers from cleos from the derby soul scene i know very little about this as i was only 8 at the time but if anyone wants tow write a bit about it for the blog email me and will sort it out.

an finally an old video i did a few years back about the blue note i was watching this yesterday and realised the havana has since been demolished and there is a quick glimpse at the start of it what a place that was ,if they knew you you were fine if not you had some bloody weird looks anyway thats it for now .hope you enjoyed it,keep safe  and see you all soon.

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