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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

ajanta plea,the atoms and other stuff.

hi all and firstly thanks for coming and visiting the site ,yep im making an effort as i have a little time so today i have reached 20,000 page views which when i started doing it i never though i would do 500 so thanks a lot enjoy and keep sharing.and so to an appeal,Kev Nixon the drummer from anti - pasti is trying to get a book together about the best venue derby ever had the ajanta or the old derby play house so if you have anything of intrest please forward it to him he can be found on facebook or if you get stuck i will happily contact him for you regarding the stuff you may have.

music vid today comes from the atoms who have been around the circuit for ages but get better all the time i see them, the show i filmed at the intake club was brilliant great songs and lots of fun so please enjoy and support the band.also on the bill was wonk unit who are as always superb the first time i saw them i supported them with exit and they blew me away then no ordinary band and they get bigger all the time so see them in derby soon at the venue...this vid was filmed in 2013 and well woth another look.

and so on to some news in the next few weeks i hope to do some indepth interviews about certain people in the derby scene who are doing well or have some intresting stories to tell it will be slightly different and hope you will enjoy week its declaration of war and nick jackson hopefully to film .speak soon keep safe and if the ruins are playinh your way come and say hello to us cheers jv.

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