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Sunday, 30 August 2015

hello so i found this in the archives and the one that interested me was the support for the parachute men ,i doubt its the same band  as pete would only be about 12  but i did find the date when they played derby at the vic  5 June 2002 - Libertines play Victoria Inn, Derby  another one you missed eh

in a few weeks time a new single ep thingy will be out from declaration of war that i filmed the other week to be honest cant wait to get it up as it was a great thing i was asked to do and i really enjoyed it so to put you in the mood here is shaun and the chaps in action 

and thats about it just want to say get well to nick from canker opera who is in hospital with throat cancer all our thoughts with you mate and get well soon.and one last thing aint it about time we had an online radio for derby bands as our stations do bugger all for us.,may just look in to it again cheers jv. 

and so on to a derby band who for a while interested me and then dissapeared overnight any ideas what happened to em

The Psychotic Reaction Live At The Flower Pot Derby

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