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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Egyption kings.the allies pic, politicide and something else if i can find it 26 july 2011

Egyption kings.politicide and something else if i can find it 26th july 2011

Evening ,its tuesday back from work shattered but thought i would put one up so please pass the link around ,and make it worthwhile doing for me ,if people dont come i get bored as its a lot of work for 6 people to see but i suppose i will carry on anyway not much else on the today well somebody called john not me a better version probebly put up on facebook a vid of the egyption kings and as i have been after one for a while i asked if i could put it up so here it is complete with a few pics ive got of them.

                                                              same band but different people.

the Allies one of the first derby punk bands

it all becomes clear when you read jubilee city   .    a fasinating insite on the early derby bands .this to me is one of the most favorite peices ive seen.double click to enlarge...
and so on to Politicide ,based in london but originally from the derby area in about 1982 they were on the bullshit detector album v4 on the crass is a couple of tracks one was written in the early 80s ..facless figures and the other early 2000ish called same old shit.very crass like but well worth a listen...
lyrics if you need them.   ....

Same Old Shit  Aint gonna listen to you any more

So don’t come knocking on my fucking door

You got nothing worthwhile left to say

Well, I guess you never really did anyway

Shit scum slime, you lying old fucker

You think I’m so thick that I can’t see through you?

Shit scum traitor, bastard, fuckhead

Someone kick down that fucking fence

So now it’s a crime to be out of work

Too many people getting off on the perks

Let the rats starve, lock them away

Any sign of life, make the bastards pay

Best be regal if you’re an OAP

Or it’s three fucking weeks ‘til they find your body

Ninety years old, and she’s dead from the cold

No, I didn’t see that on the BBC

So what happened to her two minute fucking silence?
.........and so comeing up in the future the final part clash gig from the assembly rooms,barbed wireless from 1980 something and well much much more so hang around and have a can also check stuff using the search engine as there are nearly 50 blogs up you should know something by now you like....all the best take care johnny dont forget to click on adds ive made a staggereing 12p in the last fortnight.:)

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  1. The Egyptian Kings, great band. I fu**ed up their career in the late 80's. Eternal regret, bad karma forever, deservedly so. I am so sorry.