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Friday, 5 August 2011

thought he had packed it in..well no/ Ephemeral Foetus/canker /silent one/ and other stuff.

hello yep its been a week or two i know but ive been busy and lazy if thats possible .anyway straight on to buisness and so yesterday i went and filmed a relatively new derby band called Ephemeral Foetus and filmed them at the music shed before editing this morning, to me thats the fun part .i actually enjoy going out and meeting these people and filming them and just like doing a gig you never quite know how its going to go anyway  the band were great dead easy going and really made an effort to make me feel welcome .And so to the film pretty basic at the start but then went a bit overbourd with effects on the second track some works well some dont but if you dont try you dont get.anyway hope you enjoy it and remember if you like it click on an add to help raise the 36 p electric it cost to do the film.

Ephemeral Foetus

a bit of blerg  abouty the band.
A four pack of bummers from Derby, UK. Started jammin in 2010 and recorded a demo which you can listen to on a selection of links listed somewhere on ere, a little slower than they're played now but you get the idea. Recording over the summertime, so the tracks will be updated in due course.

Our influences are from the darker side of the punk spectrum; if it aint wrong we're not interested. We draw our inspiration from bands such as rudimentary peni, neurosis, police bastard, his hero has gone, from ashes rise, wolfbrigade.

First gigged in early 2011 in and around Derby and got gigs lined up over Nottingham, louhborough & London in the near future. Always looking for more so if your interested just drop us a message at, all we ask for is for good night and session afterwards (petrol money will always be gratefully received tho!).

Poster making.
last week i had to make a poster for the my gig in november an easy task you might think well actually its bloody difficult and took me nearly 5 hrs the amount of hassle to try and make things fit and more to the point try and make it intresting (probebly failing miserably) but you can have a look was really real promoters like them at the vic and the bell have the same problem probebly not..but still this is the effort i came up with  and if someone comes up with a better one there is a free packet of jaffa cakes in the post.

on to something to read then and 1985ish and a derby band called the silent one remeber double click to enlarge


and music yes its canker opera again i here you say well two things one they are a great listen and 2 its something someone else put up so i dont have to go to all the thanks to pete for doing this .the song is called hollow row and i think i first heard it at markeaton park many many moons ago. So thats it for todays entertainment from the derby music scene past and present  see yoou all soon cheers jv.

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