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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

the vds / fatal microbes.,ajanta review.

ok so last night i was having a surf on the net and after about an hour i came across this a vds/ pasti poster i hadnt seen before and after a little searching found that we can also have a listen to there stuff as well as read a national press article about the single the vds were due to release rather contraversial at the time.vds were a band that to be honest in the 5 years ive been doing this rubbish i had completely forgot about. here is a biog from them.remember double click on pic to enlarge.


Formed in 1978, the band was based in Derby. Some of the venues in the Midlands were 'The Olde Bell', 'The Cosmo', 'The Ajanta', The 'Havana' , 'Cleopatra's' in Derby. 'The Sandpiper' in Nottingham and in support of the 'UK Subs' in Sheffield. A brief change of name came in 1979 when 'Sammy Day' and 'John Wallis' asked the band to put music to a poem written by jailed child Killer 'Mary Bell' and to form a new band called 'Prison Life'. The band Recorded at 'Spaceward studios' in Cambridge and played on 'ATV Today' interviewed by 'Bob Warman' and got National exposure. The Daily Star took to 'Back' the band with the 'Daily Mirror' reporting on their progress. The fact that Sam and John were the only members with criminal records, the remaining members of the band invented prison/borstal past's for the media.
  • Members

    Lead Vocals - John Wallis (RIP) Lead Guitar - Steve Toone (Originally Lead Vocals/lead Guitar) Bass - Pete Ryder Drums - Anthony Torr (Sammy Day (RIP), Dean Brenknall, Nigel Boal and 'Phallas' were also briefly members).

  •  you can listen to them if you click on the link

    Honey bane from the ajanta review
    a bit more reading for you a live review from the ajanta about honey bane.

    And finally a pic of derby band clinic p who i saw once in hickories a most unusual venue that had tvs that played nothing but car crashers.

    A thank you
    i would like to thank all who visit this site and there kind comments and those who participate in lending and even more surprisingly giving me stuff to know who you are so thanks things comeing up in the week...fingers at the ajanta /and alook at the 1990s an area ive neglected .im always on the look out for stuff especially old recordings that we can use to make the films with anyone got any clinic p/scrincers/pictures made/deskimoes etc etc.
    cheers jv.


    1. Thanks Mr Vincent.
      Your Synopsis of the VD's is pretty accurate.
      Would love to know your source(s).
      Steve Toone.

      1. Hi Steve, Pete Ryder here, I come across this and I thought it was you who put it together very interesting to find out who did, they got Deans surname wrong Brentnall not Breknall. I'm living in Ireland now would love to meet up sometime send us an email sometime Cheers mate Pete

      2. Hi Pete, Just saw this this.
        Will drop you an email soon.

    2. Phallus here, or Tony Bullock, whichever! Drummer on the 1980 Spaceward Studios recording. Remember flying down the A1 in that red Fiesta? Great day! Still have the tape, which is shortly to be donated to the British Library in London. Keep well!

      1. Hi Tony,
        Just read this mate.
        And I thought John nicked the master and flogged it.