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Monday, 13 June 2011

things beginig with c/cosmo,carib,class wars and mekons

monday and the start of another week ,it seems to just fly by up at 5.30 home at 2.30 knacked by 3 and a slight rush of energy at 6 so here goes another blog.nothing special but i like the old pics of venues and after cleos yesterday thought you may like this old one of the cosmo (double click to enlarge all up a poster fro the carib club in beautiful green.a lot of posters these days are very similar the old ones from the 80s seem to have a bit more thought go in to them...i like this for the derby class war bit at the many members probebly ten but at least they stood for something and believed in something unlike most of the youth today station,phone and x factor...
something to read and its a bit from a derby fanzine and prooves that attendence for derby gigs hasnt changed that much over the years

and finally a gig review from van der graf generators from1971.

right off for some tea later jv.

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