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Sunday, 10 July 2011

jelly brothers/catena twist./heralds.

hello are the joys of being in a band you arrange a gig get things set then half the band leave ,still thats what makes it a challenge i guess and i suppose thats part of the appeal,more news on that to follow anyway on to today and a quick look at the jelly brothers and as time is tight ive not put much work in to it so got the info from other places.start with the jelly brothers remember to click on link to  watch a vid.there is some live footage on beta max and hope to get that up one day.

The Moving Jelly Brothers were an indie-pop five piece band from Derby, England formed in 1987 and split in 1992.

The members of the group were, Matt Holmes - Vocals, Jim Upton - Guitar, Chris (Doz) Dorricott - Guitar, Gary (Gaz) Roberts - Bass, Mike Cousins - Drums

Anyone who lived in Derby, England and maybe further a field from the late 1980’s to 1991 might just remember The Moving Jelly Brothers. At the time they were the local band that were most likely to make it big. Peddling powerful punk/pop hammered out on cheap second hand instruments with borrowed amps they travelled around the country playing wherever promoters would book them. They were helped and assisted by their ‘roadie’ / photographer, Mark ‘Gordon’ Bennett who travelled with them to every gig and became just as well known as the band members themselves in the local scene.

From humble beginnings at the Mickleover Youth Centre, Derby a naive expedition into the world of showbiz soon began. Following their first embrassingly awful gig at a house party (after drinking a whole case of Skol lager) followed by a hugely hyped night club appearance ending with the manger cutting the power, they played a number of amusing and slightly embrassing engagements while cutting their teeth and gaining much needed experience.

Highlights included; Playing a gig on the wrong day due to a promoter’s mistake at a large country and western club based inside a nursing college campus in Leeds complete with two life sized cannons either side of the stage. The fans had turned up the day before.

you can watch a vid here of the jellys song.

catena twist
a derby band from the 80s was catena twist  and this vid shows some great footage from around derby clubs roads,and other intresting places .apparently this was one of the first proper videos of a derby band.but what is proper eh...

and lets go to the 60s and this from the herelds ,its not just punk you know...

whats happening this week ,well im off to do some filming wednesday for ludite bastard so hopefully that will be up next week.and rehearsing today.take it easy will be back soon..

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