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Sunday, 11 November 2012

the sitwell 18th nov come and see this lot for free

ok all so here is something worth going to and if you want to hear some of the bands first here are some clips its free remember so well worth going...first up at 1 1-130 FIERCE MORGAN who are from sheffield way used to be called kerplunk ,sorry i no bugger all about them .then its 145-215 SANE RI\/ER who have an album out and this is a clip of them live .....

next up is a band i now to well as im in the damned thing a new album out next year called everyday objects exit the network have been described as many things but i have to say when we are on the ball is a cracking sound here is the new single called run.

the electric shite orchestra have been going a few months and are gaining afare few followers  although we dont have any film or anything i suggest you sit up and sing along to some cracking tracks you may know ,jonny march from feeb is in its bound to be good.

400-430 AS8O PEEPSHOW      are from nottingham and as my knowledge of nottingham bands aint that great here is a vid of themwith a track called bring back smoking.a four track ep can be found on itunes if you fancy a further listen.

445-515 3 STONE MONKEY            3 stone monkey are quickly becoming an act to be reconed with as this tongue in cheek video proves ,i paticulaly like the bass line in this for some strange reason probebly because one time i used to play one.i dont know how much this cost but a lot of fun seemed to be had makeing it and thats what this music malarky should be all about it certainly aint the money.

are then its tea time so we can all have a break an ice cream and a trip to the loo.and then the evening entertainment will begin with 600-615 EAGLE SPITS
im quit looking forward to this as its an act i havent seen before and its always a good thing to see.

615-645 THE PARENTS      ar the parents what can i say well for a start dont play this to your granny as she might get the wrong ideas in her head.and you might get something you dont want for xmas.the parents live are brilliant and im really looking forward to seeing these and especially the track teleconisis and hopefully gasman .the new album is out very soon and by all accounts its a cracker so keep your eyes open and go and buy a copy.

and last up is 700-730 CERTIFIED  hard core and in your face although this vid is a bit dodge you get the idea and should just about bring the house down .before we all troop of to bed .can i just say thanks to jonny for putting on the gig and thanks to the sitwell who like many venues are trying hard to keep going under difficult times ,if it wasnt for these people we wouldnt have anywhere to play so good luck to him and all the other promoters .so we hope to see you all next sunday the 18th nov,for a cracking afternoon of free entertainment and oh i nearly forgot this is going to be compared by dwayne reads a local poet who ive known for years and is really working hard and going places .it would be great to see you the reason this blog hasnt been done much is the fact ive been flooded out and currently waiting to go home  so wish me luck.cheers take care jv.


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