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Thursday, 20 October 2011

demo from derby bands avoid and molotov from2004

well hello been really busy but just to keep ticking over here is a nice 15 mins from derby band avoid this is the last of what i have on them so enjoy ..and so to a band from 2002 ,(it seems not that long ago but its nearly 10 years) so lets have a listern its a demo by molotov rain and bloody good it is to so sit back and enjoy  and whilst your listening you can read a review  of an all dayer from 2004 at the duke of york (sg peppers as it was ) when they played many other bands get mentioned so its a good resource. the link for the review is here

i will be takin a closer look at some of these bands in good time but as i say untill the end of novemer i have to concentrate on my own gig .then i can spend more time on putting stuff up.take it easy all and look after yourself.cheers johnny v.

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