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Sunday, 2 October 2011

the reverends bell gig /doc part 1 and something else.

The Reverends.  hello yep its been a few weeks ive been away to bath and been busy in rehersal ,to be honest ive about had enough its completely shatters me out, a gig is hard work but today we nailed the first ten minutes so 20 top go ,ive never felt so stressed for years and the more tickets you sell the more people come the more expectation there is,but thankfully its for charity so what do you really expect led fuckin zeplin.anyway on to this week and ive revisited the reverends why you may ask well its like this ive followed them from the start and its been an intresting journey watch a band grow and every time i catch up with them they seem to take it to another level ,from the early rehersal to first gig then studio and now supporting the angelic upstarts last night and i have to say they really gave it everything so here it is 5 songs from the set.
you may notice and i have to say the bell light show is great and really adds to bands gigs so well done to them.hope you enjoy it.

ok i will apolagise in advance and i know everyone is bored of it but its important i dont like putting my own bands stuff up on here it seems a bit of a shit thing to do but as others have said its only one gig and plug it as much as you can so here is part 1 of the documentary on the stance and anyway ive nearly run out of things to put up so if you have anything of intrest please let me know .this represents the first 4 years  part two will be up shortly....and you get to see what i actually look like which is a bit worrying still it has a good tale to tell.
i have also done a 12 min film on bath with a re-enactment of the american civil war but that really has nothing to do with derby so wont share that with you.anyway talks are under way with other bands to get some footage to put up so will be getting alot more after november.when ive more time.anyway one last thing click on an ad this blog has left me about £104 pound out of pocket i enjoy it yes but i like electricty to.take care all see you later cheers johnny v.

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