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Saturday, 26 October 2013

and welcome back.enemy,ruins,canker opera inc rare interview from 1980s

well its been a year nearly since i last did this and its about time i had a look back again ,yep its been a year of hell but also some good moments so i suppose i had better get on with things .first up then a few interviews and a few gigs are a couple of gigs ,the first is the enemy at derby there last performance,in the city as they have called it a day.its been a bad year in some ways as a few derby bands have had to stop but as always others take there place..ok so what else can i put up ,yeah i know its a band i am in but hey i do the bloody thing and its worth it ,so here are the ruins recording there new track which is avalible to get on soundcloud and reverbnation.

the ruins at have a listen

next up nick jackson ad for his new album everywhen that comes out next week.yep its a hard listen at times but when that voice comes in bloody hell its still good and for me still one of the most original vocal around .this interview is from the 1980s just after a gig with the fall who nick had a lovely fight with mark e smith over some cigurettes.anyway more soon ,it wont be as long next time i promise..jv

should work..

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