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Sunday, 14 June 2015

been a hell of a long time since i did one of these blogs mainly because ive been busy doing stuff and forget completely about it but maybe its time to rehash it a bit and get a few things out that i have found again or found on line ,the derby music scene is as healthy as ever as in occasionally it coughs and someone takes notice for a few seconds,remember though the talent in this city is just as good as anywhere else you just need a bit of luck.

 in a few weeks time the enemy will be supporting the vibrators at the hairy dog with the ruins here are the enemy playing at the dog a few years ago great gig with some new tracks enjoy.

i will take a keen interest on this blog over the next few months so expect to see a few more things worth seeing untill then cheers jv.

and here is something worth a look at dinosour jnr at the rockhouse.

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