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Thursday, 23 January 2014

nicks rememberance gig day 2 revs ,ruins,wonk,rabid atoms chris butler dwayne.

hi all and if day one wets your appitite with the brilliant bands day two is going to be just as good here is the run down on who is playingso get your tickets from here for day two

i would like to just say thanks to all who are playing and this is the line up from end to start 10 pm and the amazing reverends who need no introduction at all.this band have gone from strenth to strenth over the last two years and there debut album can only be discribed as stunning.

9 till 10 the Ruins, and its their first gig so be nice with us but we hope to do a few surprises for you inc the od exit the network song which those that dont know were nicks old band before he sadly left us,the ruins have been about for 9 months recording and we will do our best to put on a decent performance.
8 till 9 wonk unit.
what can we say but thanks ,we love the wonk ,nick loved the wonk and we are absolutely thrilled they agreed to play on the night ,an amazing band who we adore around these parts.make sure you dont miss them.

7 till 8 Rabid.  a great punk band from leicester who who have made a great comeback after sucsess in the early 80s,they are making a special trip over to play so give them all your support ,

6 till 7  the atoms ,a brilliant band led by the enigmatic joe atom great tunes great fun and the new album is really worth getting so get down early and enjoy.

6.15/7pm chris butler,singer chris has been doing this for years and played with some great names over the years and we love his stuff .always wortha listen and very enjoyable.

the evening with be compared by dwayne reads a local poet and all round good guy a real legend with his poems some funny some completely barking but never unintresting.

so thats it ,it will be a evening never to forget and we hope to raise alot of money for a charity that helped nick through difficult times ,we love you nick and you will never be please come down and support the event.

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