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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Guess What

Today i started this blog probebly 3 years to late but hey what can you do.the idea of this is to just keep you informed on a few things i get up to and let you see some of the stuff that intrests me.god this is boreing i hate writeing even though ive written a book i still find the process tiresome,and would prefer to do something that is quick and easy.i am just a lazy boy to be honest but apparently people enjoy some of the stuff i do so this is just a different way of getting it to you.all the best jv.

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  1. Greetings from sunny Govan! Good idea - music & history - what's not to like? There's plenty needs documenting before they suck what little is left of the soul out of Derby. Any idea what's happening with the Silk Mill? And the old Magistrate's Court next to Full Street cop shop? Beautiful building, always thought it'd make a cracking club/gig venue. I hear disturbing rumours about both, must go & look when I'm next down. Really like the films on youtube, especially the GNER one - more of that kind of thing, if you've the inclination - old railway lines, old canal routes - shame about Crich, better luck next time. Keep up the good stuff.