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Thursday, 26 May 2011

thursday 26th may.moving wax /pre de. cd baby tired as normal but heymust keep busy.those that dont know i play in a band ,nothing special about that but we have a large back catalogue of stuff and so ive decided to put it up for dowload so ive decided to use cd baby and for a small fee these songs can be downloaded now that all sounds well and good but here is the funny part apparently cd baby listens to all the songs before they can be sold is this possible, is there one man hooked up with headphones does he have a knowledge of every song ever written and know if yours aint a cover or something.i thought about this and may just for a joke put up a 5 hr album of my clock ticking ,probebly send him insane .maybe there are ten thousand people in headphones listenening to every song sent in.the mind boggles.the last time i used such a service i didnt sell a single copy so i dont expect much of an improvement this time but will keep you posted...anyway today i put up a few bits and bobs for your enjoyment a rare poster from a few local bands from derby and a small review of cat wax and something else if i can find it.probebly a random one as all my stuff is just in numbers and i havent a clue half the time what is what. the next large project will be about the ajanta 10 minute film i think so will keep you posted how that goes .see you at the week end .....johnny v.

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