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Sunday, 22 May 2011

sunday joy div poster and magazine

 As you can see ive found out how to put film up which may make things a little bit more intresting so this is some rare footage of the lost and found joy division poster from the ajanta cinema.thanks to darrel buxton for letting me film it.The ajanta really was a special place and i will be doing a special feature on it with more of the things that i have found.ive found some live clash from 82ish at the assembly rooms and will get that up soon as you can see ive put a link up on the left hand side for a link to buying the alternative derby book if you havent already got pays enough for buying the odd packet of crisps.
intresting pic and interview with corridor taken from an old derby fanzine.and a ticket for the subs at the rainbow club

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  1. Great stuff. Was lucky enough to attend the JD gig at Ajanta. Good to read you are planning a special feature in the near future. I did a piece on Ajanta in my own blog. Very special place, and a ton of memories. Also used to love the Rainbow Club.