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Saturday, 17 December 2011

hello again,yep its been a long time but i have been rather busy doing stuff ,so without further ado lets get on with it.and to start with a band that was around the derby scene in the early 80s called terminal 2
.its funny really as i am starting to get blamed for good things like bands getting back together and hunting out there own stuff from the loft .to be honest im rather pleased about it as it shows that they still have a love for the stuff they produced and hopefully they will do a gig the first vid is about terminal 2 from the willington area  and here is a link to their first demo

also if you want to view them and i must say i really enjoyed the pics in this here is a vid.complete with some posters from mickleover youth club and willington.

next up and here is some footage from the reverends that hasnt been released yet its from the gig at the bell when they supported the angelic upstarts.its been a hell of a year for the band and they are going from strenth to strenth in the derby area and also doing rather nicely abroud,i say abroud anything further than ten miles out the city is bloody good but these have managed newcastle and leicester.they are at present recording an album and i will look forward to hearing that in the new year.

another band i have some footage of left over from the year are luddite bastard and to be honest i dont know how they are doing support wise but they played at the bell the other week with zounds and eastfield and look to record some new stuff next year

and so to my own band the stance who called it a day last month,if you havent seen the documentary on the year its on you tube and has had many a good responce i wont bore you to much about it just go and watch it but here is some unseen footage of the gig at the vic 19112011 and the track is money and love.we made over £100 for charity and they were delighted with it so all the effort was worth it.i will start a new project next year but dont really no what yet.

he had some great news last week as derby band the enemy will be doing a gig hopefully in june next yearat the bell and will look forward to that one with keen intrest.if you havent heard them before here they are in all their glory.

so thats about it then for now have a great xmas and a happy new year and next year i will put up some new bands and see what the world has to offer in the streets of sunny derby all the best johnny v.

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