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Sunday, 1 January 2012

derby playhouse/vaxines/allenton/furs

hello and a very happy new year ,and welcome back to the blog so here we go again and in to 2012 what happened to you last year dont count as its just a memory this is a new one so all the best to you whatever we do .i always get excited when i find something of intrest from the past and was delighted to finally find a bit of footage from the old derby playhouse only took 5 years and there must be more out there ,my aim is to find footage from when it became the ajanta but thats going to be impossible i think but this will have to do for now.i added a few pics and slowed it down a bit as it was a short clip so here it is and enjoy.

a couple of adverts for ajanta gigs
the furs gig is avalible to buy but im having a bit of trouble downloading it but will hope to get that up later in the year throobing gristle can be found also for those intrested .
Anti-pasti have reformed and will be playing some gigs this year so hopefully will get some footage of them if they play in derby ,with them and the enemy doing gigs it really gives us old timers somethingto look forward to.

moving on here is a link to a gig at the vic inn from nappy rash promotions featuring the vaxines from 2005 its great that other people put stuff up for you to see and if it helps promote the bands venues and promoters in derby then it can only be good .

and so on to something different and this is some old footage of allenton area in the snow taken by dave upton in 1965 i love seeing this stuff just to see how the are decays as much as anything.

and thats about it today remember if you have enjoyed any of this stuff check out the adds and the odd click every now and again (if you see something you want :)) always is appreciated.last year this blog made me a whopping £3.65 which doesnt help pay for 6 scans from the local studies libary .about time i paid it a visit though to find some new gems wonder if they have any film i can use mmmm thats a thought good day jv.

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