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Sunday, 8 July 2012

go on then......reverends review sods law feeb.

Yes the last one didnt happen then im still doing it ,well people kept saying nice things about it and wanting to see more ,will just have to see what happens then if i have the time will carry on with the odd page .anyway with out further a do here is the review on the reverends album.

The Reverends … The new addicted.   Album review.

You could say im biased as I have kept a keen interest in the reverends ever since I filmed one of the early practices, in fact it took me twenty seconds to realise 1. what have I been missing, and 2 what the hell did I just hear, well folks it’s the reverends angry, honest and quite frankly one of the best bands I have had the pleasure to see live many times over the past year.  They are an experience in themselves live, tight as fuck, catchy songs that stick, and a lead singer who jerks around the stage trying effortlessly to keep your attention, but what about the album I hear you say well not since the early days of punk in Derby has there been anything released on this level .Bands have come and gone many promised a lot and didn’t deliver. The new addicted does deliver and in spades, yes it has its anthems pick up the pieces and take the money and run which are really catchy and great to sing along to, but forget them for a minute, there is more to this album than meets the eye, scratch the surface and under the guitar riffs and rock steady bass and drums there is a darker feel to it .The album kicks off with deranged and shows how poetic frank stridents lyrics can be. “I’ve seen you before in poison puddle rain” yes it’s a punk album but it’s also poetry of a very high standard. The second track pick up the pieces is a great sing along track and a crowd favourite about keeping going when all falls apart, then the album gets a bit heavier with big society a political rant about government scams. Community workforce and left for dead keep the pace going before uptight citizen and for me one of the best on the album and shows that the band don’t have to rely on verse chorus to produce a good song, 40 yr olds with walking sticks shows that frank has keen eye for not just the obvious but things that matter to people of all ages an awareness not really seen in other punk bands material. And so like watching them live the tracks keep coming a relentless stream of  classic material each one will have you singing along within seconds, camps, sings his life, give it up son ,all hit the mark. It’s a bit hard to be critical on the album that’s cost £800 to record and produce and it’s worth every penny to be honest but let’s have a go. A couple of tracks don’t hit the mark fat frank and yellow cake, Fat frank well is just too easy for them, it’s a throw away song an old one admitted but the quality of the others is so high it didn’t need to be on the album and yellowcake plods a bit but that’s two of the 14 tracks and name me one album that hasn’t had a couple of tracks on it that ain’t as good as the others and I will call you a liar. The only other thing if I was being really critical is the front sleeve printing it makes it a bit dark but hey who plays the fucking sleeve anyway. The new addicted then will go down in the history of the derby music scene as one of the classics to be up there with anti-past and the enemy, you may think I am being over the top but I ain’t,  if Charlie Harper from the subs didn’t want to follow them at a recent gig stating it will be hard to beat that, then you know how good the band are ,so don’t take my word for it go and see them live and get the album you really won’t be disappointed. The reverends then have shown what can be done and have raised the bar for other bands it’s a (sit up and take note moment) on what can be done with little funds and a lot of hard work you can really achieve what you set out to and well done to them for that. johnny v.

and so on to other stuff and a couple of bands that i have filmed lately one is sods law who with new singer ani mositi are currently in rehersal and expected to be gigging later in the year ,i will leave it to the band to explain themselves saves me the fuckin work..
and quickly on to feeb who hail from chesterfield way ,cracking band who gig relentlesley and about time people started to take more notice of them this was filmed at the hairy dog derby which although is having trouble at the min with various issues as a place to play its top notch and i can only hope the venue can sort its problems out asap and get the venue up and running very quickly.

so thats it just a quick note my band exit the network play next saterday at the flowerpot in aid of oxfam so would be nice to see you there and look out for my coloum in moonshine mag alythough i dont know what the fuck to write about in the next issue.all the best cheers johnny v.

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