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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

the last alternative derby blog.

hello and so this is the last one and the blog will dissapear in the next few weeks.i have reasons for doing this which i will keep for myself but mainly its because its no longer fun anymore.its been a hell of a journey finding stuff and doing films for people to see but everything comes at a price and yes i have had some stick for it.Some deserved some undeserved .On the upside there are many bands who have got back in to music because of what they have seen and its rekindled there intrest which is great and good luck to you.i would like to thank all those who helped in variuos forms but this is the time to move on to new things.take care and look after yourselves cheers johnny v.

so here are a few highlights past and present.

ok sods law from a gig at the sitwell last week ,the ten year old drummer is a real star.

101ers derby cleos

the reverends good luck with the album chaps.

the enemy good luck with the comeback gig.

1 comment:

  1. Your not going to remove all your blog posts are you?
    So much work gone into it, I enjoy it. Would be great if you can at least leave it online.