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Thursday, 16 June 2011

goth/lm pic film ..egyption kings earlypic and baseball ground revisited.

in the 80s punk had died a death just about and many local bands all wore black and with long hair usually crimped .thes pics are from liberties which later became the firkin the band is last movrning and the track is called phantom.last mourning started of as a punk band but by the time 86 came along all but one remaining member suvived and this track bears no resemblance at all the earlier version of the band.if fact you could say its a completely different act.
anyway hope you enjoy it.below is an ad for the monday night alternative.better known as grab a much for a drink 60p bloody hell..and i was still skint..

i dont know the venue for this but woyuld be nice to know if you have any info on it .

And for all you football fans a film about the baseball ground..
later jv.

please remeber to pass the link to all your friends not the film link the blog link  and click on an add .this blog took 7 hrs and for 15p seems alot of work on par with rice fields in a far of country
in the next week i hope to get some subs footage if possible and a couple of good interviews with derby bands and solo musicians thanks for your support .cheers jv.

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