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Sunday, 14 August 2011

hazel climbs a mountain/fuetus/whitetown

hello again,so yesterday i went to see a few bands in support of hazel who is going to climb a mountain to make money for charity so good luck to her for that ,i took some footage of the first band mud from london but felt i bit iffy after that and went home so sorry for those i didnt get but still catch up next time eh,its good to get out and see some of these bands and to be honest the quality of some of them is really good so give them your support.anyway here is the film footage. remember click on an add if you enjoyed it for my 6p royalty.

last week i made another vid for ephereal fuetus and by all accounts it came out pretty well (got sick of typing out there name and spelling it wrong though but you should know that by now).anyway i used some footage that i had spare and put in some bits of peter cushing playing a scene from 1984 in 1956 which seems a bit od to type but i think it worked well.the bit with the tv getting smashed was from you tube ,the things people do to make a few viewers is beyond belief.anyway here is the vid and as normal all comments welcome.

this afternoon went and had a band practice and to be honest it didnt go well ,we all have off days i guess but is this the only thing in the world that gets me angry well yes most the time im pretty chilled but in the band jesus i can be a nightmare at times ,wanted to kick the bloody door in  ar well i will have to try harder next week. a track by poundaflesh is still going to happen but things keep cropping up and i also want to do stuff with cryo genics.also.anyone who wants some help in any way with filming bands get in touch its all good fun...and so on to something new and a new track from joyti mishra called missing her again.its great to see him keep producing music and not loseing the appetite so good luck with the new album mate. so thats your lot for the min have a good week and speak one last thing ive done about 60 posts and a lot have been archieved so if you want to see something from a while back use the search button or look athe month thing at the bottom of the page..
White Town - Missing Her Again

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