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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Atv/lurkers live the vic2002 .luddite b vid /tickets etc

about time i hear you say ,well its only a week and ive been a busy boy so you will have to be patient,anyway today ive dug up a recording from 2002 at the vic inn featuring atv and also a few tracks from the lurkers at a different gig but the same venue so hope you enjoy the listen...
here is a jolly ticket from 1983 and a gig i did at finden village hall that turned in to a riot as mentioned at the start of the book if you have it if not buy a copy or download it.the bands are just blue and the well of pity obviously with the toilet damage we wernt aload back..
a few tickets from the ass rooms..stiff little fingers,dexys who i never really got on with didnt see the point of what they were trying to put across and the buzzcocks with guests who i think were joy division,but dont quote me on that..
and so to the next stop and if you want some good old fashioned punk a band i would certainly go and see at the moment are luddite bastard with there album brown noice you can find them on facebook and well worth a listen .i had some footage left so added it to the track deadend baghead a rather brilliant minute of fun about asking for 50p on the street.

the vids dont always come out as expected with the transfer and some of this didnt quite come off but its the song thats more intresting than the vid and thats what you should be looking for anyway contact them if you want to get it.
and so on to the gig in november and what a pain in the arse being in bands and arranging a gig is ,so far in the 3 months we have lost 2 guitarists  broken another guitar ,broken drums had an argument got frustrated ,angry ,and elated never mind  a  band cancelling but hey its only cost us £250 so far and it is for charity when we will make about £50 so something seems to be a miss with it.anyway thats your lot speak soon cheers jv.

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