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Sunday, 28 August 2011

the clash prt 3 live kings hall/bga/plus other stuff.

hello again,and a welcome back to the history of derby music and other stuff if it happened in this city the we can put it up ,and so today part 3 of the clash at the ass rooms. and some live rock from the kings hall in 1975 with ginger someone and some long winded guitar solos but hey it was 1975..oh and i may put a bit of footie up just to show the world what a great place the bbg was.although i like doing the films and stuff it takes a long time to do it so occationally like today apart from the clash i may just borrow what other people have done and put it with out further a do here is the clash ...
and one part left to come of the clash gig ,if you want to hear the other  parts check through the other months in the search tab on the left ,there is alot of stuff on that that people arnt looking at as the site only covers ten most popular   so have a look in june and it should be there.
and so to the kings hall and a gig recorded in 1975
and a bit of blerg to read about it...BGA Space Machine from the Live in Derby 1975 CD. Recorded at the Kings Hall, Derby Tuesday 21st October 1975  Vocalist Marc Storace went on to Krokus. All for £1...!

its footie time and enjoy this classic match between derby and fulham when the pitch got invaded..and after this watch this classic from 1936 but what kit are we in .
and so thats it for today but im off tomorrow so may put some more stuff up then oh and pass the link around numbers have dwindled to around 20 a week which hardly makes it worthwhile to do.and please click on an ad for my 6p it all helps pay for the cat food.and filming./.cheers jv.

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