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Saturday, 25 June 2011

good stuff today kids/clash pt2live.fingers ajanta rainbow club..etc

morning and so today ,well glasto last night and u2 played they did come to derby a few times early on but i never went ,i think the chip shop was more intresting that night at mickleover.but hey here is the ticket for those who care.didnt even do a decent scan of it ,thats how much i care about them.i am probebly being a bit harsh and there early footage was to be honest pretty good but once they became more of a buisness than anything else i lose intrest and anyway they should pay there tax like i have to..enough said.for the moment.

and so on to better things ,the 2nd part of the clash at derby assembly rooms ,for new people here use the search engine for part 1 .pt3 will be up soon after im back from going to see the fleet foxs in cornwall ,wasnt my idea it was my daughters she didnt seem that keen on poundaflesh my idea..

a better irish band than u2 are without doubt stiff little fingers ,whilst u2 sang about streets with no name about a depressed postman who cant do his job properly ,fingers were singing about things that really mattered.alternative ulster and the like,here then is a gig review from the gig at the ajanta ,the first one to be played there..and many seats met there death that night.
fingers played not that long ago in derby and here is some footage bloody dreadful mind if your going to film a band do a decent job and give the bands some justice.

Adam and the ants.
and so to local stuff well nearly and an old gig review from snottingham and adam and the ants it mentions a derby band who supported them ,do you no the line up.thanks to adi for this.

the rainbow club at alvaston and a ticket for chron gen and aftermath.,will have more on rainbow club another time.

and finally just for stu a bit of pasti ive come across from you may already have it but its from the assembly rooms.
have a good sat back soon with more stuff to enjoy............and click on an ad occationaly.

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