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Sunday, 26 June 2011

lets rock/acdc/van/ motorhead.

ok so this week ive heard enough boring unimaginative crap from bands like mumford and sons,there not even farmers can we please get some decent bands back mr a/r man ones with attitude ,ones that play up a bit.anyway today ive gone for a rock page something abit different and acdc .as ive got older i can actually appreciate them ,but at the time was far more intrested in the punk stuff and never realised how good they were.i think we were really spoilt for choice in those days .songs from 70s 80s and even 60s can all be remembered anyone know what was worth buying in 1996 bugger all just well anyway poster from acdc at kings hall.

hawkwind anyone.........started 7.30 probebly finished about 4 days later...

or thin lizzy,i like the way the posters are rather colorful although a week glued up in the old derby bus station in 1975 wouldnt of helped restoration would it....the things we miss eh.
the world famous greenslade. string driven thing taken from joe 90 i guess.

van der graff generator and what i think is an amazing peice of artwork for a gig but still not a patch on paul carter from avoid written in crayon and photo copied..

a bootleg cover of brian eno recorded well the date is there this can be found on the web if intrested.

motorhead first played derby 
04/03/1979  and returned again last year at the assembly rooms.. clip taken of you tube.

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