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Monday, 27 June 2011


evening ,well a couple more to do before i have a rest from the blog for a few days so hope you find something of intrest before a short sabatical.and a bit of a plea so open up your lug holes  as hugh cornwell once said.does anyone have any ideas on how to make this blog better or any ideas that i can use to keep it fairly popular if so please let me know,i do this for enjoyment and the hope that people like to see the stuff but when only a few view it maybe its not worth all the hard work,so pass the link around and and lets try and get more intrest in it.anyway on to today and the rather beautiful damned poster from derby arts collage,the first time they played in the city.remember double click to enlarge size..
moving on sharpish and on to the derby music co op and an intresting read about the derby music co op and early battle of the bands competion ,should have done an x factor then may be rich and livin in a warm climate.junior c reaction etc and a nice poster with the hubba bubba tea party remember them. 
a bit of film from godflesh at the warehouse early 1990s
ok if anyone has the recording of this band futile would love to have a listen,recorded about 85/86 i personally like the thanks  on this with so many local bands names on at the time.
and thats about it  for another night later in week will put up the 2nd part of the subs gig and if possible some live footage from the bluenote from 1984 any way i will leave you with a poster from 999 for a gig in 1992.later jv....

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  1. keep doing it, we like it!
    don't lose the music, but maybe more straight social history? Or links to other local stuff (music or otherwise)that other folk have done?