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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

wednesday,upload prob,linkmen/adults/half man footage.the jam.

ok all so this is the last one actually probebly do another later on if bored ,but this should be the last one for a week .anyway we have some intrestings things for you to see and a cracking song from the embryonic adults a punk band from duffield way from about 8 or 9 years ago and it really is do it yourself which i think is great.record it yourself sell it yourself ,the song is called (bomb nike) so thats special branch been flagged then.i dont suggest you do what they ask in the song but its a decent punk song so have a listen.  Now THIS IS INTRESTING....for the first time it wont let me upload and has sent me a email regarding title and terms and conditions ,what sort of a fucking state are we i will have to find away around this then wont i. 1 hr later and think ive got around it but what a joke,eh.

anyway moving on.and a couple of bits ive been looking for for a while ,the specials at the kings hall,like the crossed out advance thing .the door looks preety cheap to at£2.50 better than b&q prices and the jam.for £1.70 cheaper than real jam but far better.....thanks roy for these.
half man half biscuit live from derby wherehouse.

and a flier for when it opened ...membership card anyone soon went out the widow..
from the 1980s and the linkmen pic from bluenote.
 something from every decade then regarding the wonder what is the derby music it was going to be the subs today but ran out of pc space so will have to wait..take it easy.

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