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Friday, 24 June 2011

friday 24th june./pink floyd/r harris.hippo/ mickleover repeat.

eh up and so to friday thank god ,and so whilst i set up some things for the weekend mainly punk stuff  for your enjoyment ive added a new search engine for the blog as it seems to be growing at an alarming rate and people may start to miss things.anyway had a few nice finds over the past week inc some more pasti stuff for stu which will please him and help with his pasti facebook page and the damned from derby arts collage as well as some nice interviews..anyway today i thought we would look at an era that seems to have been forgotten and its the 60s just out of intrest really many a band played here inc pink floyd yes pink floyd complete with miss spelling of name.yep i did look and find it on the web so quality aint that great but worth a bit of proof... and so in june 1967   bloody hell thats 43 yrs ago pf made an apperance at the rolls royce ball at the lacarno price a staggering 50p...
a few old ones for you and the gaumont ,we all know the who played here but see the size of this line up ,must have started at breakfast time.rolf harris eh can you see what it is yet.looking at it ,it looks like a matinee performance was performed at tea time then the main after 8 ,couldnt see that type of thing happening today.
and who is this that played in 1963 well thats helen shapiro,Who you may say, well she was massive in the day and guess who her support band was on many occations but sadly not at this concert well it was those small time musicians from liverpool the beatles,wonder what happened to them,probebly bricklayers..
now then .as you know i love the old venues and the hippodrome  in derby was a beautiful building sadly ruined by fire, idiots and a loony if you dont believe me watch this brilliant film. 
ok so thats it today nothing that much to get excited about but the normal stuff will be back some intresting reading from the ajanta....
ps   if your missing the usual well have a look at this again. city indians from mickleover youth club in the 1980s. 

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