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Thursday, 23 June 2011

the vic posters/condenser.stranglers /wedding present.

hello and a big welcome back.i like thursdays its always a nice feeling only friday left at work then i can go and do things i want to like shopping at asda, only so i can swear constantly at the bloody tannoy when it comes on."hello and welcome to asda"...fuck off you only want my money you bastards and so on.for the next hour....right got that of my chest anyway today i thought it was about time i put some posters up from the 2000plus era where the hell did those 11 years go,to me it seems like last week,these are from the victoria inn and music well it had to be condensor really yes there is a link .i did work there for a few years so i do have a fondness for the place and its history and due to helping out i have nothing but respect for gig promoters whoever they are.i will try in future months get some interviews with some of them so you will get an idea of what it is like and the pressure involved in trying to keep a venue big or small going.and it aint easy.

its all tickets and posters today im afraid and here is another ticket this time from probebly my favorite band for so many reasons the stranglers
no date on it but i think its about early 1980s.i should bloody know as i went to it...Eltzimers creeping in probebly.latecomers not allowed in till break in programme buggered then if you turn up half way through the set.I like this due to the non smokeing bit just before the law came in .which is funny really as ive been known to have the odd smoke once or twice.Its odd though isnt it how many pubs have closed since it came in and white dulux paint sales have inproved due to nicotine on peoples walls at home..
from1971 and  note genesis when they were probebly good but that 80s stuff burn it . peter gabrial was always a better singer than that phil bloke...
later jv............

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