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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Eastfield live,biffy,cult,squeeze, id shop.

Eastfield, so back in the real world and i must say how much i enjoyed eastfields set on friday at redemption with the subs,eastfield a band i hadnt heard before bar name (obviosly not been out much) but enjoyed every minute of it, in fact i wish i had shot more footage but wasnt sure about battery lenth so only did about 1 and a half songs shame and like all gigs the moment has gone.thats one of the reasons i like filming its because something is kept .there is a little camera shake on it but not enough to spoil the viewing.i try my best and sometimes under difficult circumstances .a push in the back really helps not...i can remember going to gigs years ago and bands used to say arrr cant film me no bootlegs etc but later on its one of the things the bands try and get hold of,yes i can understand it if its costing them lots of cash but what they forget is we mainly do it because we are fans. i always liked the subhumans attitude on it personally .anyway for new people here and there are more every week ,this is a non profit blog and just for fun in the hope that people will enjoy the stuff and go out and buy the bands work ,me ive already gone and ordered some eastfield and i suggest you do the same..
so what goes on the blog?
Its a derby think if a band has played in derby or are a local band done good (not many) or a review or a lost band then yes i will put it up.if its an obscure russian band then no, bleedin obvious really.
"2003 where did the time go only seems like yesterday and another of those bands that people say no they didnt play the vic did they ,well missed it.A band that didnt play the blue note though but were booked are these, southern death cult ,the gig cancelled due to other commitments so i gather.

local bands from 1991 and the derby money mountain a thing that used to annoy me as it ruined the football on the saterday.all you could here was phones ringing in the background and that call going out..had a bid,had a bid of 50p for a tour around mr smiths goldfish bowl from allenton or something just as dull. will have more on a few of these local bands in the future.
a set list from squeeze derby i think about 84ish.
and finally a nice pic of id tenent street where pasti and other derby acts practised.a nice bit of graffiti on the walls.anyway for a better look at the pictures remember to double click on thats today done then and.please remember to pass the blog link to all your friends not the footage link as they shoot of to somewhere else and dont see the stuff they want.cheers jv.

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