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Monday, 20 June 2011

fall,boredom, rats,hudon,snow patrol

hello,tired and completely over done it so spent the last 14 hrs in bed,anyway after overdoseing on sugar puffs the sugar rush has kicked in so all systems seem to be on go again and i feel recharged .the subs gig was great wasnt it and funny going to redemption ,my first time since i think it was romeo and juliets dont get out much obviously .anyway today i will put up a bit more than usual as i missed yesterday due to practising with my own band ,dont really know why i do it but a gig is planned and more worringly booked for november so got to get my arse in gear and learn will probebly be for charity then i have an excuse if we are crap.yesteday bumped in to a member of b movie (remember them) at the practice rooms anyway i digress, so lets start off with this a set list from the fall at the vic .a few stories at the side.
Smith at bar later, looking well, saying how much he liked Derby. Then went into usual schtick about not liking musicians, saying that playing Derby was good for their discipline 'cos when they went to New York they just go on about how cool it is etc.
Anyway, down to the meat- this is a very approximate list in no particular order other than first and last...
Touch Sensitive Kill Your Sons (? this is what i took it to be, my head was very near speaker and Smith is prone to mumbling) He Pep! The Joke The Caterer Inevitable Ten Houses of Eve Antidotes F-'oldin Money Bound Tom Regazzi Shake-Off (? I can't remember whether they played this, I think they did) Perfect Day Ol' Gang Big New Prinz
maybe more- I was very drunk- there were a couple I didn't know, but they were good. and my brain is determinedly telling me that they played Ivanhoe's Two Pence but I don't think they did, maybe Levitate.
Good small venue.
All the Marshall Suite stuff sounded fantastic- antidotes, bound, and inevitable sounded really well imagined highlighting what i like about the album. Lots of really different but related sounds. Tom Regazzi was suitably cartoon reggae menacing lots of going up and down hills. The Caterer was brilliant- there's a lot more space in Fall songs nowadays- this weird individual's soliloquoy I find quite affecting- they're a lot simpler in lots of ways, both in words and music, which makes them even stranger and the gig really brought this out.
The Joke, f-oldin' money, perfect day, were really invigorating, not the best ten houses I've heard and I miss the bass a bit in Big Prinz, a lot more guitary this but still good. Ol' Gang was excellent. And Jung Nev's shouting is a damn sight better than Mike Bennett.
The crowd were excellent too, lots of yelling for more. A band at the heighth of their powers, lots of new worlds being spun in new ways- absolutely fantastic.

know little about these ,i did know but forgot i cant remember everything ,anyway terminal boredom from around the early 1980s.derby

The thurday night experiance 19986 and play dead goths eh finally died a death in the 1990s.
The boomtown rats at the kings hall derby pic curtecy of russ.
and something to watch hudson super 6

new album out soon and well worth getting but this was a vid i made for fun from an earler track ...the live footage taken from a gig at the blessington carridge.
and finally yes snowpatrol for £3 Bargain......thats the thing you see if you dont go to the gigs you miss out...but im as guilty as anyone.later jv.

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