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Saturday, 23 July 2011

beekeepers ,poundaflesh/plugging gigs./cramps.

how fast does the time go ,its been nearly a week since i was last doing this so i thought i had better put something up before the moon falls lets start of with a plug eh the beekeepers are playing a one off gig so i thought i would post something up to commemerate this .i think its great that older bands are makeing such a comeback and enjoying the fact of playing whithout any hang ups although from first hand experiance we dont have the energy like we used to have any way a track.
do you behave like that at home and jolly good it is to.the gig they are playing is on 24th september at the old bell sadler go along and have a good time.


so i still hope to get some footage of poundafllesh but they are always gigging so like many others our paths dont seem to cross but here is a track to keep you going hopefully get an interview later in the year.
ok so this is a first plugging gigs but this is worth going to.and i actually like the poster.

the cramps poster from the ajanta
last week sombody put up on facebook a marvelous peice from the egyption kings so next time i will put that up as i have permission as well as some rare pics of them.
and a few more gig tickets to have a look at.remember double click to enlarge.

so there you go enjoy looking at the stuff and will get more up soon as i said time is a bit tight at the moment but will keep adding to it over the next few months.right then of to radar to do some rehearsal  cheers jv.

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