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Friday, 15 July 2011

luddite bastard in other bits..and ramblings.

evening,so yesterday i recorded a session by derby punk band luddite bastard 5 songs and 3 are used here ,why do i like this band well,the singer is a good front man and they are hard to find .when a singer gives his all it can make a band and in this case it fits perfectly.the session was recorded in music shed on canal street,i did have a few probs with sound but to be honest its the feeling of a song that counts .i wouldnt have used track 2 as it clips a bit but the energy and anger are there and that is what i like about one last thing thought i was going deaf this morning,message to self wear ear plugs you dick.
hope you enjoyed that and go out and see them live soon, on a personal note sadly the reverends will not be supporting the stance in november as they have had to pull out so very dissapointing i know but we will still make a good nighht of it..bands ive decided are just hassle and when i start a new book i will have plenty of new stories to tell just about the last 6 months following these bands around,bands really are a pain in the arse.see you at the weekend.....jv ps dont forget the add etc.
ps the score/stance from 1992 just to fill the page up.this track dedicated to those who are fighting for there jobs......good luck to them...cheers.

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