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Monday, 27 February 2012

sham,dury ,crompton ,.news

yep been a month but its not that i havent been busy or anything oh no, ive filmed a few bands seas of mirth,in lies truth ,cromptons thresher and other bits and bobs which hopefully can put up at a later date ,my computer memory is about full so got to spend a while sorting out the files ,mundane dull stuff ,so just to keep ticking along a few pics and the odd bit of film.a nice little ticket for the yardbirds at bass wreck ,is there a punks picnic this year will have to see.

video work ,and yes its bloody time consuming but i always try my best with the footage ive got sometimes it works sometimes it dont last week i filmed a band called cromptons thresher and added a bit of footage and tried to make it a bit more intresting ,one of the main reasons i do this is to give the band a slightly different angle on to what can be achieved with what they have, visuals can ad alot the there act and can make them stand out a bit more ,i really enjoyed doing this one and i think all were pleased with the result ,so it made the whole process worth while.

i do get sick of putting up some of the stuff i was involved with but i can only use what i have unless people want to send me stuff  then it gets harder to find anyway here is a gig i did in 1991 very young with a tube ,which i regulaly smacked the other singer in the face with,fun times the gig is from the wharehouse derby. and so to a few posters,these get harder to find all the time as once its found thats it especially the old stuff..

a poster from sham 69 from 1977 dont know who the support was if you do let me know.

a punk band who played at keddleston road who dissapeard whithout trace.

and a ticket stubb from ian dury gig....

finally next time a new damned headline and hopefully some new bands its going to be a busy year so enjoy it take care all the best johnny v.

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