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Friday, 3 June 2011

intro june. derby community arts/

so its june and its warm shit...and its friday and its time for a rant...why is it that when you say you play in a band the first thing they say is .you will be on x factor next ho this whats its come to then everything to do with music is judged on wether or not you can get on x factor.well bugger that i would prefer to clean the vics toilets again than go on that pile of shite.the people on it are shite the music is shite and they have nothing to say or do that adds any value to anything.i feel better now..anyway everyone seemed to enjoy the clash stuff so i will put the next bit up in a few weeks.thanks for those who support this venture so far i have made 96p just enough to purchase a tape of the rattlers from today a few things a scan for derby arts gig.a link to see the jets at the wharehouse which is something you may not have seen.    jets link well worth a watch.well i enjoyed it.

cd baby.was a sucsess i did manage to sort out getting a song up for a small fee and am awaiting the downloads to flood in well 1 it is then .but hey if i make some cash on that i wont have to swallow my pride and go on x factor ...later jv.. click on pic to make it LARGER...

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