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Monday, 30 May 2011

bank holiday treat..listen to The clash live in derby assembly rooms

so something a bit different for you the first 4 songs from the clash at the assembly rooms derby 1980 dont forget to pass the link around and click on an add so i can keep this thing going.a quick plug derby band the reverends are playing this sunday so get yourself down town,and for those that dont know the victoria inn is back in safe hands so expect some great bands to be performing there .that reminds me i may do a film on it as its been going bloody long enough .if anyone in any derby band from the past is looking to make a short bio film you can get in touch and we will see what we can do .will get the rest of this gig up in good time as well as joy div at the ajanta ,furs at the ajanta,atv at the vic and many more so have a good day off im going filming the off to watch the play off final before bed and work tomorrow .take it easy jv..

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  1. I remember the disappointment of it being cancelled in May of 1980 as Topper had broke his finger, but this more than made up for it, a great night.