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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Anti pasti pic film

Martin ropers 50th birthday party tomorrow so as a little celebration for him i threw this together so have a good one and hopefully we may see you play again,would be nice wouldnt it.thanks to the facebook group for the pics .as thats uploading and i cant leave the page for the next 24 yrs probebly i may as well bugger of to get a breakfast back 1 hr later and its still here, so people ask me why do i do this for an audiance of about 12 well its something to do better than going to bloody asda and anyway sometimes something nice happens and people let me have stuff to look at and use.derby is the forgotten place music wise and in a way this may help to make the idiots realise that derby has had some wonderful bands and you twats in london record companies missed them so more fool you.we know better.if you have anything of intrest please pass it on its no good stored in the attic people want to see it..anyway pass the link around and we will see what we can come up with i know lots of gigs where recorded in derby and its just a matter of finding them.have a good weekend later jv.
pps that file took 3 bloody hrs to download.

1 comment:

  1. make that 13 johnny,.. lol
    its great that you are still fling the flag for derby music past and present,..
    i salute you for that,.. more canker opera please.