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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

wednesday /damned/photoes/advert

so yesterday i put up the damned headline and sent a copy to rat scabies and got this reply  " Nice one, I don't remeber nicking the speakers though ;-)  .this headline caused a bit of a stir on the net as within 10 mins i had 400 views and the picture was put up all over the place with comments galore and then another from rat.....  
Scene, a dressing room in the north of England:
Rat: "This food tastes funny, I think this chicken is off, it tastes horrible"
Pushes half eaten meal to one side.
Captain: "Hmm, yes Ratty, I concur, it does taste fowl"
Dave: "Heres a bottle of home made ale, why don't you try and wash the taste away with that"
Rat: "Thanks Dave, I will"
Rat takes a huge swig of "old biker" the beer that made Islington famous, and immediately throws up.
Rat: "I don't feel well, can we go straight back to the hotel after the show, I want to get an early night.
Captain: "good idea Ratty, oh bugger, I didn't bring any speaker cabinets with me".
Dave: The kids will be devastated if we can't play, some of them have travelled 5 or 6 miles to come and see us play tonight. The show must go on"...
Captain: "I know, I'll borrow the in house speakers from the wall there, I'm sure no one will mind, and after all, it is only until we finish the show tonight"
Is how I remember it ;-)

so all good fun many of these people will stay and look at the site probebly about 4 but it shows that there is still an intrest in this ive put up a couple of things from the ajanta cinema derby the photoes and a few of a support band who i aint got a clue who they are..a couple of adverts for the cosmo and ajanta q tips that i didnt see when i scanned it,thats right paul bloody young ,never forgiven for his attempt at love will tear us apart .i was at hillards stacking shelves and the dj said this cover is better than the originl.yes i did swerar a bloody lot .what do they know about music bloody djs on commercial stations i ask you...anyway enjoy the stuff and click on an ad so i know it works .cheers jv

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