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Tuesday, 3 May 2011


So its back to work then,which to be honest i actually enjoy admitted not as much as other things but it can be quite fun at times but its something that has to be just a run down on a few things that i am working on,the alternative derby film is not going brilliantly to be honest its still in the planning stage and as a large project its takeing some doing but i hope to get time to work on it soon.A 1 hr documentry on my own band the stance is about half done well we have been going nearl 25 years so it seems apt even if it seems a bit  wrong to be doing it but we had the odd moment of joy.Early correspondence on doing a film about poundaflesh is also on the cards as well as work for the reverends and a few other bands .as you can imagine it all takes time but its all in a good cause and stops the boredom.As you can see i added adverts to the blog in the hope of makeing a quid(so can someone click on one to check its working) all the money i have made from the book and hopefully this goes on getting new stuff up for people to see .so im not trying to cash in.all this is just a hobby like fishing but without the death part.Enjoy johnny vincent

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