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Saturday, 23 January 2016

hello and welcome to the blog here is the new improved so sit back and enjoy some stuff from derby bands you may not have seen and a bit of please share and pass the link around and if people take interest i will do more ,REMEMBER you can look at other older posts as well and there will be something of interest for you ,all the best stay well jv.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

hello so i found this in the archives and the one that interested me was the support for the parachute men ,i doubt its the same band  as pete would only be about 12  but i did find the date when they played derby at the vic  5 June 2002 - Libertines play Victoria Inn, Derby  another one you missed eh

in a few weeks time a new single ep thingy will be out from declaration of war that i filmed the other week to be honest cant wait to get it up as it was a great thing i was asked to do and i really enjoyed it so to put you in the mood here is shaun and the chaps in action 

and thats about it just want to say get well to nick from canker opera who is in hospital with throat cancer all our thoughts with you mate and get well soon.and one last thing aint it about time we had an online radio for derby bands as our stations do bugger all for us.,may just look in to it again cheers jv. 

and so on to a derby band who for a while interested me and then dissapeared overnight any ideas what happened to em

The Psychotic Reaction Live At The Flower Pot Derby

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

ajanta plea,the atoms and other stuff.

hi all and firstly thanks for coming and visiting the site ,yep im making an effort as i have a little time so today i have reached 20,000 page views which when i started doing it i never though i would do 500 so thanks a lot enjoy and keep sharing.and so to an appeal,Kev Nixon the drummer from anti - pasti is trying to get a book together about the best venue derby ever had the ajanta or the old derby play house so if you have anything of intrest please forward it to him he can be found on facebook or if you get stuck i will happily contact him for you regarding the stuff you may have.

music vid today comes from the atoms who have been around the circuit for ages but get better all the time i see them, the show i filmed at the intake club was brilliant great songs and lots of fun so please enjoy and support the band.also on the bill was wonk unit who are as always superb the first time i saw them i supported them with exit and they blew me away then no ordinary band and they get bigger all the time so see them in derby soon at the venue...this vid was filmed in 2013 and well woth another look.

and so on to some news in the next few weeks i hope to do some indepth interviews about certain people in the derby scene who are doing well or have some intresting stories to tell it will be slightly different and hope you will enjoy week its declaration of war and nick jackson hopefully to film .speak soon keep safe and if the ruins are playinh your way come and say hello to us cheers jv.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

been a hell of a long time since i did one of these blogs mainly because ive been busy doing stuff and forget completely about it but maybe its time to rehash it a bit and get a few things out that i have found again or found on line ,the derby music scene is as healthy as ever as in occasionally it coughs and someone takes notice for a few seconds,remember though the talent in this city is just as good as anywhere else you just need a bit of luck.

 in a few weeks time the enemy will be supporting the vibrators at the hairy dog with the ruins here are the enemy playing at the dog a few years ago great gig with some new tracks enjoy.

i will take a keen interest on this blog over the next few months so expect to see a few more things worth seeing untill then cheers jv.

and here is something worth a look at dinosour jnr at the rockhouse.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

nicks rememberance gig day 2 revs ,ruins,wonk,rabid atoms chris butler dwayne.

hi all and if day one wets your appitite with the brilliant bands day two is going to be just as good here is the run down on who is playingso get your tickets from here for day two

i would like to just say thanks to all who are playing and this is the line up from end to start 10 pm and the amazing reverends who need no introduction at all.this band have gone from strenth to strenth over the last two years and there debut album can only be discribed as stunning.

9 till 10 the Ruins, and its their first gig so be nice with us but we hope to do a few surprises for you inc the od exit the network song which those that dont know were nicks old band before he sadly left us,the ruins have been about for 9 months recording and we will do our best to put on a decent performance.
8 till 9 wonk unit.
what can we say but thanks ,we love the wonk ,nick loved the wonk and we are absolutely thrilled they agreed to play on the night ,an amazing band who we adore around these parts.make sure you dont miss them.

7 till 8 Rabid.  a great punk band from leicester who who have made a great comeback after sucsess in the early 80s,they are making a special trip over to play so give them all your support ,

6 till 7  the atoms ,a brilliant band led by the enigmatic joe atom great tunes great fun and the new album is really worth getting so get down early and enjoy.

6.15/7pm chris butler,singer chris has been doing this for years and played with some great names over the years and we love his stuff .always wortha listen and very enjoyable.

the evening with be compared by dwayne reads a local poet and all round good guy a real legend with his poems some funny some completely barking but never unintresting.

so thats it ,it will be a evening never to forget and we hope to raise alot of money for a charity that helped nick through difficult times ,we love you nick and you will never be please come down and support the event.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

nicks rememberance one friday 7th feb 2014 the vic Derby

hello all and hope your well ,and so we come to a special event to remember a great friend and guitarist from derby nick gasgoine a lovely man who loved people and hated injustice.nick sadly died in feb 2013 after batteling illness over a long period of time.and we will always miss him. so we put together a weekend of music to remember him .this page will show you the amazing talent on offer.all have given there services for free .all profits will go to charities that nick would be proud of supporting,and those who supported him.

friday the 7th and we kick of with cookie a solo artist formaly with the little pigs.
next up its a derby band who have only just reformed after being away for some 20 years the electro sound of the 80s is back with a rare performance from terminal 2.

and so we move on and to hudson super six  a band who by all accounts are going from strenth to strenth and blew the assembly rooms away when they supported the beekeepers late last year,a cracking outfit and a must see.
friday night ends with a legend of the derby music scene in nick jackson and canker opera ,there first gig in nearly 20 yrs anything could happen musically so expect the unexpected but that voice ,no one sounds like him either then or now .and im really looking forward to hearing it again,in there time they supported such greats as throbbing gristle..and had a legendary fight with the fall although tonight its all about the music.. tickets for day one can be got from here..

compare for the evening is eagle spits a nottingham poet and all round good guy.

thanks for your time and do come and support it.

the gig starts at 7 so be there early.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

and welcome back.enemy,ruins,canker opera inc rare interview from 1980s

well its been a year nearly since i last did this and its about time i had a look back again ,yep its been a year of hell but also some good moments so i suppose i had better get on with things .first up then a few interviews and a few gigs are a couple of gigs ,the first is the enemy at derby there last performance,in the city as they have called it a day.its been a bad year in some ways as a few derby bands have had to stop but as always others take there place..ok so what else can i put up ,yeah i know its a band i am in but hey i do the bloody thing and its worth it ,so here are the ruins recording there new track which is avalible to get on soundcloud and reverbnation.

the ruins at have a listen

next up nick jackson ad for his new album everywhen that comes out next week.yep its a hard listen at times but when that voice comes in bloody hell its still good and for me still one of the most original vocal around .this interview is from the 1980s just after a gig with the fall who nick had a lovely fight with mark e smith over some cigurettes.anyway more soon ,it wont be as long next time i promise..jv

should work..

Sunday, 11 November 2012

the sitwell 18th nov come and see this lot for free

ok all so here is something worth going to and if you want to hear some of the bands first here are some clips its free remember so well worth going...first up at 1 1-130 FIERCE MORGAN who are from sheffield way used to be called kerplunk ,sorry i no bugger all about them .then its 145-215 SANE RI\/ER who have an album out and this is a clip of them live .....

next up is a band i now to well as im in the damned thing a new album out next year called everyday objects exit the network have been described as many things but i have to say when we are on the ball is a cracking sound here is the new single called run.

the electric shite orchestra have been going a few months and are gaining afare few followers  although we dont have any film or anything i suggest you sit up and sing along to some cracking tracks you may know ,jonny march from feeb is in its bound to be good.

400-430 AS8O PEEPSHOW      are from nottingham and as my knowledge of nottingham bands aint that great here is a vid of themwith a track called bring back smoking.a four track ep can be found on itunes if you fancy a further listen.

445-515 3 STONE MONKEY            3 stone monkey are quickly becoming an act to be reconed with as this tongue in cheek video proves ,i paticulaly like the bass line in this for some strange reason probebly because one time i used to play one.i dont know how much this cost but a lot of fun seemed to be had makeing it and thats what this music malarky should be all about it certainly aint the money.

are then its tea time so we can all have a break an ice cream and a trip to the loo.and then the evening entertainment will begin with 600-615 EAGLE SPITS
im quit looking forward to this as its an act i havent seen before and its always a good thing to see.

615-645 THE PARENTS      ar the parents what can i say well for a start dont play this to your granny as she might get the wrong ideas in her head.and you might get something you dont want for xmas.the parents live are brilliant and im really looking forward to seeing these and especially the track teleconisis and hopefully gasman .the new album is out very soon and by all accounts its a cracker so keep your eyes open and go and buy a copy.

and last up is 700-730 CERTIFIED  hard core and in your face although this vid is a bit dodge you get the idea and should just about bring the house down .before we all troop of to bed .can i just say thanks to jonny for putting on the gig and thanks to the sitwell who like many venues are trying hard to keep going under difficult times ,if it wasnt for these people we wouldnt have anywhere to play so good luck to him and all the other promoters .so we hope to see you all next sunday the 18th nov,for a cracking afternoon of free entertainment and oh i nearly forgot this is going to be compared by dwayne reads a local poet who ive known for years and is really working hard and going places .it would be great to see you the reason this blog hasnt been done much is the fact ive been flooded out and currently waiting to go home  so wish me luck.cheers take care jv.