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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

wed 8th june. stones ,diddley and gig loss.stats.

so i would just like to say thanks to all who have visited since i started ive had about 1,400 visitors i dont know if thats good or bad for a blog but im happy with it.even had a visit from mexico probebly by accident but hey they all count .anyway today i thought i would delve right back to the 60s and show a couple of posters  one is for the rolling stones and one for on link to enlarge

ok a plea ,please support your local music scene and try and attend a few gigs it was very dishartening to know that only twenty people went to see the nightingales last week ,these promoters work really hard for very little reward so give them some support..promoters like dave at the bell and micky at the vic  try and put on some great acts for us to see and dont always make money in fact they lose on most of them have a look at this next pic it shows just how hard it is to make money from gigs

that is a bad day at work...........

i will try to get some filming up athe weekend each film can take about 7 hrs so time is always against me its a shame i cant do more but will keep things moveing.and will get in touch when i can to arrange to do stuff..profit from the blog £1.63 so please click on adds as i want to buy some bootlegs of derby gigs for you to enjoy. im working on a canker opera film and cat wax is done bar the music which i will hopefully get soon.also planning one on the enemy and ajanta special well part one and poundaflesh so good stuff to come just bare with me..

did you ever record at the spacedome if so we are looking for tracks recorded here that may be lost so get in touch cheers jv....

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